Can I request a sweep

I have my last growth scan tomorrow at 39+6. My midwife has booked me in for a sweep next week but I will be over 40 weeks. Do you think I would be able to request a sweep whilst I’m in the hospital tomorrow as I’m so uncomfortable now and so ready for baby to come?!
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@Sophie definitely no harm in asking x

If you call them in the morning before the appointment that might give them time to accomodate. My midwife told me at the last appointment that if I wanted one to just inform them before hand and they'll try x

@Nikki my scans are all done in maternity unit so there are midwives within the ward, I might ask and see what they say x

Are you going to the midwife daycare after the scan? If not then no because the sonographer won't be trained in doing sweeps. If you are seeing maternity daycare straight after then possibly if they have time

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