Getting real now 🙊

This might be nothing to some, but I had my first ever midwife appointment today and I still can’t believe it, we’re actually having a baby! When and does it ever sink in?! Was so nice to be able to finally talk to someone and to know the next steps. 😊
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@Maxine Looks like we have our appointments at about the same time xx it feels so far away 😅

@Sabrina ah exciting! Yeah we’re waiting on our appointment for dating scan, so will probably be about 3 weeks as well 🤞🏼 x

@Shakira yes all went well thanks! Yeah I think having a scan definitely makes it more real xx

I also had my first midwife appointment today with the same bag! I know, I think it will really sink in when we go for the ultrasound dating scan...still another 3 weeks for us!

Oh hope it went well. I’ve got one in two weeks but we had a scan today we paid privately it hit me a bit more today but hasn’t fully sunk in so I totally get how your feeling xx

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