Baby Kicks

When did you first feel your baby kick? I know they say it takes longer for 1st time moms but I’m getting antsy.
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18 weeks for me. But I wasn't sure until I recognised them more by this week (week 20!). I still can't feel them from the outside, so for now it's just a special shared moment when baby kicks/moves!

I’m 17 weeks tomorrow on my second baby and I’ve felt flutters but nothing that’s made me be like omg the baby kicked! If that makes sense! I felt my first around 17 weeks so hopefully any day now

23 weeks

19 weeks

FTM with an anterior placenta and I’m 19 weeks and feeling kicks, have been for nearly a week!

FTM I felt mine around 20 weeks! But it was just flutters not stronger until like 24ish weeks

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