What is everyone putting there babys to sleep in I’ve been putting my boy in a vest and a baby grow and then having a blanket on him but i don’t know if he’s too walm
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Babygrow = sleep suit I still don’t feel confident with the names of things either haha 😂

I’ve been wondering this - I was doing vest and sleepsuit and a cellular blanket but recently got some sleeping bags so swapped for a 1 tog…it’s about 17/18c in the room….there’s so many conflicting guides.

I’ve been doing the same as you since the weather got colder yesterday ☺️

We've been doing a babygrow and a blanket :)

Feel his back. Is he sweating or do you notice that he’s red. If so then take off a layer. We only did footed sleepers and a swaddle. And our house was always cold so we had a small blanket over it. But we didn’t layer his clothes

My little boy is in a long sleeve baby grow and we swaddle him in a cellular blanket or muslin he soon tells us if he's too hot or cold

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