How to stop breastfeeding?

My daughter turned one in august so I’ve been trying to get her to stop breastfeeding. My pediatrician said feeding her “on demand” was best so that’s what I’ve been doing but now that it’s time to stop I’ll try to only feed her at night (she won’t fall asleep any other way) but there’s times during the day she’ll go get my boppy pillow and she’ll bring it to me while crying and if I say no she’ll just drop it and start screammmingggg and she’ll come over to me and pull my shirt down trynna g t to my boobs😂 and if I say no AGAIN she will just lose it. She’ll go lay down on the floor, kick her feet, bang her head against the wall. I need help y’all😭🙏🏼
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I stopped last week when I went away with my friends for 3 nights, that was the only way it was ever going to happen!!

I am struggling as well and I work from home with baby with me all day so someone else taking her during the day isn’t an option. I came to the conclusion we’re gunna be extending breastfeeding a bit longer

Are you trying to stop breastfeeding because you want to? Because there's nothing wrong with continuing to nurse past 1 year old. So long as your child is getting the recommended amount of dairy per day, it doesn't have to come from whole milk and can come from you. I still breastfeed 3-5 times a day for my 13-month old. If you want to stop because you feel like it is best for you to stop, some people put band-aids on their nipples and tell the baby there isn't any more milk or something like that

Hold strong mama! You got this! My LG did the same thing, it's lightening up tho. She refuses any milk in a cup (breast or whole) so I nurse her once in the AM. Daddy had to help with weaning at bed time. I'll explain our old schedule and how we transitioned below: Old: Dinner, dance party, bath by ma, nurse, bed Next: dance party, dinner, bath by dad, nurse, bed by ma Then: dance party, nurse, dinner, bath by dad, bed by dad After: dance party, dinner, bath by dad, bed by dad Now: dance party, dinner, bath by ma or dad, bed by ma or dad Dance parties help her burn that last bit of energy. We do baths directly after dinner because learning to feed yourself is messy and her face is allergic to wipes.

So sorry to hear this. It’s heartbreaking. I’m kinda going through something similar and didn’t think stopping would be this hard. Can anyone help take her during the day to provide her with milk/snack/meal to replace the nursing session? My daughter just started daycare, so I think not being around her to nurse has helped. But during the times I’m with her all day, she clearly wants her nursing sessions again. I’ve been replacing them with a bottle (I started by mixing some breast milk with whole milk). I THINK she’s starting to understand that either she drinks the whole milk, or no milk! I’m definitely still navigating this too though, and I didn’t expect this to be so emotional to stop. Just know you’re not alone ♥️♥️.

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