Sleep when the baby sleeps

Anyone else absolutely LOVE this advice?😂😂
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🤣🤣! I was just thinking about this today. Like who actually does?

@Reina I feel like it’s advice for someone who has a cook and a maid to do their housework so they don’t have to 😂😂

I have napped maybe twice when baby has napped. Other than that, caffeine is life 😂

Plus some babies sleep a lot, who would wanna sleep all that time anyway? 😂

My toddler would laugh at my face if I wanted to sleep when my baby sleeps 🤣🤣

I think it can be well-meaning. It only applies to the first pregnancy/baby, though. The chores can wait. Adequate sleep is self care too, especially if baby isn't sleeping through the night.

I have a three year old lol I wish

Everytime I get ready to gts to nap with baby they are just starting to get up 😭

My baby only contact naps so I’m kind of forced to sleep with her or watch her sleep! As soon as I put her down she’s awake! She sleeps through the night by herself though so I get a few hours before I go to bed to do stuff

Ok perfect… so I’ll sleep while operating a motor vehicle, while pushing a stroller, and while walking my child around the house 😂😂🙃

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