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What’s a typical day look like for your baby, in terms of activities / play? I feel as though I’m not doing enough with her, but I’m not sure if the TikTok videos of other mums I see is the norm 😂. Usually we play in the morning, and she happily crawls about/ plays by herself whilst I do breakfast One half an hour walk a day Play in the afternoon and watch 20 mins of Bluey or Ms Rachel. We go to baby group once a week and I can’t really afford any more What are your fave at home activities? X
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Try local churches as they often have free baby groups x

I think your days are fine! The baby will just love any interaction you give her 😊 and not everyone can afford to go out and do things every day either. Our days consist of (not everything in one day just ideas of what we do across a week) walks, take her on the swings as we have a park nearby or the river to see the ducks and boats, playing with toys inside, little bit of tv, books, we go to bounce and rhyme at the library and that’s free, see friends with similar aged children, (met some lovely people on here), I get out plastic bowls and wooden spoons she loves wacking them 😂 I think it’s hard at this age where they’re not really properly playing a game yet. All else fails I give her a box to play with she loves a box! Or play peekaboo 😌

I'm out multiple times a day as mine is non stop and is 100% an outdoor baby. We usually get up and get ready, have breakfast, little play and then out for 30/60 min walk before 1st nap. Once he wakes up, a snack either at home or in the car if we're going somewhere. I'm trying to get to more groups but there aren't many around here so struggling. If there isn't a group, even a trip around the shops helps, lunch (home if possible or at a cafe if we are out), back home for play and 2nd nap. Another snack once he is up and then either out for a very long walk (can be 2 hours if needed), run errands or pop to visit my mum for a bit. Always make sure we are home for dinner around 6pm, bath, quiet play and then up to bed for bedtime routine around 7pm. I wish mine was a bit more independent sometimes tbh as the days are so draining and it's difficult getting out now the weather is turning.

She plays in her playpen before breakfast then after breakfast depending if we have plans to go out or not I get us both ready and we go out for a walk or to where ever we have planned go to. If we aren't going out we usually play with toys on the floor and she crawls around and climbs up onto things which she loves doing. She might have a go in her walker for a bit. I usually have TV on in the background especially if I'm rushing to get us ready to go out. I'm more outdoorsy so most of her stimulation comes from being outside in nature and around other people. We have gone to playgroup sessions but I didn't do any classes with her admittedly because I was always going out and about with her. She's very social though so I can take her pretty much anywhere and she's fine. I do need to get more sensory things and get a bit more creative I think now the weather's getting a bit worse I'll be inside more so will make more of an effort with indoor activities.

I Try and do something every day with my little girl, we live in a very small village where there is nothing to do so we go to baby groups, shops, soft play, out for lunch, library, swimming, visit family. Anything to stop us both getting bored!

Your day sounds brilliant to me ☺️ we’re pretty similar on days off. We try to visit the library every now and again as they have a nice big space to crawl and read books, and it’s free! Then we sit in the cafe and I have a drink and she has a snack. Libraries often do baby groups as well so worth checking out!

I like to do sensory time with my little one. We play with all sorts such as jelly, cornflour, cereals, rice, spaghetti and many more! He absolutely loves exploring the different textures of everything and making a big fat mess (is the only part I’m not too fond of) but he really enjoys himself so I can’t complain. Can even adapt it to sensory bags if you wish to reduce the mess. They are just as much fun! Xx

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