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Any mamas start putting their babies down in the dark for naps? My guy is 7 weeks and sleeps very well at night, but naps are beginning to be a struggle. I’ve started swaddling him in his room with white noise and have been keeping it light for now to avoid any daytime/nighttime confusion, but I find myself “saving the nap” more often than I’d like to admit. Do I dare close the curtains? lol
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Thanks everyone for the comments! I tried the first nap in his room with the shade drawn and it seemed to help! He stirred a lot but managed to put himself back to sleep multiple times without me having to replace his pacifier. Hopefully the rest of the day goes well 🤞🏼

I might not make it dark but I do use low light and little day light.

My baby is 11 weeks and has mostly slept through the night for a few weeks now. I’ve always done nap times in the dark because it made our lives easier. (Plus I napped with him a lot and I can only sleep in the dark.) I was worried about daytime/nighttime confusion but in the end everything worked out. When he wakes up from his naps I immediately open the curtains and let sunshine in or turn on the lights and try to make it clear it’s time to be awake now.

Omg yes !!! Our little girl used to sleep during the day through anything for her naps. But bc she's seeing things more and more stimulated I have to put her down with a dark room and the sound machine on

Same — that or outside walks! I swear to god these sleep training books are LYING lol

The only way my baby naps during the day is if I wear him. Besides that not a chance

@Mackenzie hahaha I know it’s definitely appropriate for their age to have short naps but I also have a toddler to chase around. Luckily I’ve been able to get them to nap at the same time in the afternoons so far but I still can’t get much done bc I’m constantly trying to get him to stay asleep lol

My baby is almost nine weeks old and daytime naps are so sporadic despite me trying to stick to the 90 minute wake and 90 minute nap guidance lol she just won’t sleep during the day unless she WANTS to sleep. I will try curtains closed and white noise to see if that helps. Mainly here to say I feel your pain 😂

@Sarah K yes! We only feed once at night and he goes down easy so I don’t wanna screw that up lol but I have to replace his pacifier multiple times during naps to get him to fall back to sleep so I really don’t get anything done running back to his room every 15 minutes 😵‍💫

I started this around 8 weeks! Now my little guy is almost 3 months and sleeping in the crib thru the night :) his daytime naps are a struggle tho haha...we are lucky if we get a 30 minute one in!

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