Let’s Get Positive!

I know a lot of us are getting impatient for the birth of our babies (myself very much included). To help us relax I thought I’d start a thread for things about pregnancy you’ll miss once the baby is born. Here’s my list: -Uninterrupted alone time with my hubby and pup! 🤵‍♂️🐶 -Sleep 😴 -Able to eat what I want (I know I can’t really, but I definiteky restrict much less lol) 🍔🌯🍕 -Having a cute pregnant belly 🤰 -Having people treat me with extra kindness and care 😊
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@Ana well lots of ladies (like me) are getting so anxious to give birth that focusing on what I like about being pregnant to make me more patient.

I will miss being treated and people doing stuff for me

Thinking of things I’m going to miss won’t make me think positively 😅 When I kiss something I get sad and depressed 😬 Did you mean we should think of things we’re not going to miss? That’ll put me in a better mood :)

I love this post! Thank you! I think I will miss my priority for self care (and care for her as a result) once she's on the other side. I'm really making space for things like prenatal yoga, a pampering nail appointment, quiet time and walks, etc.

I will miss the feeling of her in my belly and her little movements. Miss the time I got to myself without having to worry about work. Being pampered and being able to eat as much as I want without being judged

I'm gonna miss the feeling of him in my tummy. The time I get with my 3-year-old as her own time. Not having to watch two kids and keep them out of trouble. The sleep. The time with my husband for sure.

@Makayla Ooh me too. Will definitely miss her kicks and having her to myself.

I’ll miss my bump, feeling her move, and having my baby to myself. Not looking forward to sharing her with the world. She’s the first baby on both sides of the family so everyone has already started calling dibs.

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