Days out 💙🚂🐠

So yesterday we decided to go on a spontaneous trip to sealife just the two of us. Any other ideas on nice days out anywhere in the midlands? 💙
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@Hannah Ww glad he enjoyed himself, but was going to do Cadbury world that morning but honestly had no energy. Glad I didn’t, he got really moody towards the end but overall had fun 🤩 x

@Ann-Marie yeah! Thank you and you 😘 we were round in about an hour and I watched my boy the whole time rather than looking at all the fish 🙈 worth it though as he enjoyed it x

@Beckie thank you 💙 xx

@Hannah aw no way! Was it the Birmingham one you was at? Hope you had a fab time! X

We went there yesterday too! X

That’s a lovely pic! X

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