First time mama here, How do you know if your baby is teething? My boy is 3 months old and has been restless for the last hour crying on and off refusing to be breastfed and his dummy. He was also not liking being sat down he wanted us to be stood up with him so his body was straight, it was the only way he was calm. He’s been eating his hands and drooling for weeks but he’s never been restless like that x
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I was an infant daycare teacher for four years before I left my job to be a mom. I’ve seen a thing or two with tons of different kids. The running joke in daycares is that any sickness is really just teething, and a lot of articles will tell you that teething only has a few symptoms, but after being through so many different teething sequences, I can tell you what I know. I always know a child is teething if I see these things: Lots of drool, lots of eating fingers and toes, diarrhea, runny nose, pulling at the ears, sometimes a fever, more irritable, not sleeping well, spitting up more. My son is almost 10 months old and has 4 teeth as of the last month. He experienced the drooling, pulling at the ears, not sleeping well, spitting up, and eating his fingers and toes.

I tried to check his gums but he wouldn’t let me. He’s fast asleep now so maybe he was just over tired but he usually takes a feed when he’s like that so I wasn’t 100% if it was him teething with him refusing a feed

While there are general signs (drooling, mild fever, crankiness) it's honestly hard to be sure a baby is teething before the gums are visibly affected. My son faked me out several times before having two teeth pop through with no fuss to speak of.

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