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Your registry link If anyone can please help with a box of diapers or wipes I would highly appreciate it. I have my baby girl in November and anything is appreciated I’ve fallen on hard times with a high risk pregnancy and I’m a single mom on maternity leave. Not to mention my car just died so I can’t do Uber right now. Any donations are welcome ! I’ve never been the type to ask for anything but I’m desperate and really could use the help! Thank you in advance 😊❣️
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Hi Lashae! If you do free baby/parenting classes with Pregnancy Aid Clinic, you get free diapers and wipes every week, plus you get points for every class you do that can buy more baby stuff/wipes/diapers!!! I did it and it helped SO much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I literally still do classes and pick up diapers and wipes. I haven’t bought a single diaper or wipes!

I really would be open to that if I had the transportation thanks tho 🥹

@Lashae do you live in Woodstock? I live in Acworth. If you start doing classes, I can probably go pick them up for you (when I go picking up mine) and bring them to you if you’re close.

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