MIL not washing hands after bathroom!

To say that I’m disgusted is an understatement. I keep telling her son to tell her please wash your hands especially since you are spending time with my almost 2 year old daughter. A little background I have 0 respect as it is for her and hate my BD also. What to do? I don’t want her to be wiping herself and not washing her freaking hands and taking care of my daughter! I’m sooo over this!
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What grown person does this?? Gross!!

When I tell her dad to tell his mom he goes she does wash her hands. His useless

No reason! I had mentioned it to her long time ago and I just don’t want to start anything again! But I’m feeling horrible mom guilt all over me for not doing enough to protect my baby! My overthinking is tormenting me. I mean I always try my best but this time I just let it go

What reason does she give 🤮

That’s gross. Don’t take her round until she starts washing her hands

Stop her spending time with her until she sorts it.

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