Hi Ladies, Anyone else can go without eating amd just drinking juice or water? My stomach rumbles but every thought of food I just don't want. I've gone off crackers so that's off and currently my partner is making dinner and it's making me feel sick. Today I just drank water and fruticana juice and a quarter of an orange. I know I have to eat but what? Also I have a 33 hr flight to Australia I really hope it doesn't bother me. Im grateful koz atleast I know baby is there but I would like to eat something. I haven't had the vomit one yet I just dry heave.
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I had a tip to try polo mints. It’s helping me tonight! But I’ll see this week as I’m feeling guilty starving the baby - 9 weeks here 🥴

Yeah I’m sort of similar just now hormones must be ramping up a notch nausea has been bad today everything making me boke think I’ve had toast and half meatball pasta all day, currently scoffing some ginger nut biscuits as it’s said to help with sickness, the smell of food being cooked gives me heave so not sure how I managed to do dinner tonight. Diluting juice and water gives me the boke today. I gagged earlier at egg mayo sandwich’s which are my fav. At this point I don’t know what I will fancy tomorrow lol, I’m 10 weeks today x wow that’s some journey how many weeks are u. And here’s me stressing about a 4 hour plane at Xmas time x

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