First scan ❤️

Just wanted to post this somewhere because I’ve not told anyone yet (other than parents and sister) and wanted to share relief! I’ve been super nervous going for an early scan as I have underlying health issues and because it’s taken so long to conceive I’d feared the worst so far! My little bean is 7weeks 2 days and over the moon there was a little fluttering heart beat too. In love already 💕
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@Shakira so nervous for tomorrow

@Kirsty no not at all

@Jessica okies thank you can't wait to see my lil one on Thursday

@Kirsty it doesn’t hurt don’t worry! You just feel a bit of pressure as they try to check your ovaries and whatnot!

@Shakira does it hurt I'm just so nervous never had a transvaginal one done before xx

@Kirsty transvaginal from the inside if it’s early xx

Sorry to jump in how do they do the early scan I've never had one before xx

@Shakira couldn’t tell you how worried I was! I know there’s still a long way to go but it’s the first big hurdle over with. Congratulations to you and your bean too! Xx

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