Has anyone little one had a social smile yet? My baby is 6 weeks and I have gotten gassy smiles and sleepy smiles but no social smiles. Am I not funny? Lol
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@Kersten lol I guess I have to get a little crazier!

@Shannon lol I don’t think he hates you! My baby had a stank face and still does lol

@Kersten I’m excessive too. I love when I get smiles but sometimes he looks at me like I’m completely insane 😂

Try being excessive like me, that’s what’s been working for my little who’s 6 weeks lol

4 weeks this Friday and no smiles. I feel like if I even look at my baby he starts crying. Starting to think he hates me

@Janae I hope so! Her smile is so cute when she’s sleepy I wanna see it for reals!

My baby is always smiling only if I got a picture

I also have a six week old baby and he had starting doing a lot more social smiles in the last few days. He does them when I sing to him or if I boop his nose. He also does them when we do raspberries on his belly. Hopefully you start seeing some smiles soon!

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