Partner rant 😩

Anyone else getting completely fed up of their partners not pulling their weight and acting like they dont have kids to take care of. I have a 19 month old and im 31 weeks pregnant and have started finding things hard doing everything alone day in day out. This morning i asked for help and im the issue, im moaning, im making a big deal. 🙄 Partner works but then goes to the gym around 4 days a week and plays football once a week but apparently im being unreasonable by asking for help and saying hes never here! I also work 2 nights a week once my 19 month old is in bed so never get a break! I asked for help last week as i got over whelmed and upset so asked him to come home from the gym, that has now been thrown in my face and ive been made to feel like a shitty mum because i shouted. So now i feel like i cant ask for help. Why do men feel they can have kids but keep their lives the same and its down to mum to do literally everything and when u ask for help ur moaning or nagging. Rant over 🤣 just feeling so fed up with it.
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Hed be washing his own clothes till he starts helping a bit more

Well, you could always abstain from chores that help him but aren't necessary for you or the toddler(verbally telling him as much) to reduce your workload a bit. He'll eventually have to pick up at least some of the slack.

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