Pooing in Bath

Every single time he is in the bath he poos doesn't matter if he has had a poo before that it always happens. Im not sure what to do?
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Mine did this everyday. I got a little toilet seat that goes on the toilet next to the bath for her and put her on it before everybath now. Worked great for us 👍

My LG did the same thing, since she was like six months, every bath she'd poo. I ended up bringing her bath forward and it's seemed to stop now. But I do think they just grow out of it, it's so odd! I think it's the warm water relaxing them.

This is the thing he doesn't do that. You never know when he is going to poo.

Oh gosh! Mines done it the once…I was literally stood there thinking shit what should I do 😂so I feel for u! My girl wees as soon as her feet touch the water though🤦🏻‍♀️ Can u get him out as soon as u see him straining and hold him above the toilet or something? Sorry not much help x

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