Itching - Antihistamines during TWW

Has any used antihistamines during their two week wait? I wouldn’t usually consider taking anything during my TWW but for some unknown reason my body has been so itchy these past 3 days. It started on Sunday evening with itchy boobs, by yesterday the tops of feet, legs, abdomen and neck were itchy too, it even woke me up in the night last night.
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I felt the exact same, it's really weird how it randomly started after transfer. Hopefully it's a good sign? Hope it gets better and good luck for the 2ww x

I take Loratadine daily because of my asthma (triggered by allergies) and my GP said it was fine to take while ttc or pregnant. If you search Antihistamines while pregnant and click on the NHS link and scroll down there's a section about taking it during pregnancy. I hope this helps. X

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