Don’t want anyone else near my baby

I am currently feeling like an absolutely horrible mother I don’t want anyone near my child at all as I just don’t trust them! I’d rather they didn’t have a relationship with family members than go visit them due to worrying about pets smoking etc. Does that make me a horrible person? I literally only trust myself
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I only really trust my sister atm, haven’t even left her for months since we had to go to a wedding and I just hate the thought of it 😭 you aren’t alone don’t worry x

I’m exactly the same! I’m currently having therapy as it got to a point I wouldn’t trust anybody but it is normal especially if your a FTM, just protective mother instincts isn’t it xx

It doesn’t make you a horrible person, but maybe it’s something you could get some therapy for if you worry you’re going to isolate your child too much

I feel this. I can trust my dad and my auntie and that’s about it 🤣 and even then not for more than a few minutes! I worry about kids (that I love), dogs, smokers, basically everyone!

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