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How do i get my baby to fall asleep by himself. Hes always been rocked since he was born so the last 2 months ive been trying to train him out of that habit but nothing i seem to do works. Anyone got any advice?
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I did the Ferber method at 5.5 months and no tears from night 5. She self settles if she wakes up at night too.

Feber method here too - I followed ‘The Peaceful Sleeper’ on Instagram for practical advice and got her sleep plan for 6month olds, I also downloaded ‘huckleberry’ for a month to track wake windows and they suggested tweaks to help. I remember some days it suggesting a 5.30pm bedtime because of missed naps and I thought it was mad….but it really worked! My then 6 month old slept through from the first night we applied these methods and has only been derailed by illness or certain sleep regressions (2 years was a BIG one and that was the most disruptive time when we had to swap her from cot to bed) but she always got back on track and fingers crossed she’s a great sleeper now aged 3 👍

@Bethany We did Ferber with both children too. Worked a dream and our took to it really quickly. Solid food weaning has scuppered it slightly as my little boy keeps pooping when he's asleep. Hopefully that will settle down soon though.xx

Try the ferber method, have a Google and see if it works for you. We've done it with both kids and would highly recommend 👍

Following as I’m going through the same, though think we are slowly getting there as of this week. It’s taken me over an hour to get my LG to fall asleep in her cot for her morning naps- just a case of picking her out when she gets upset, put her back down and try to comfort her by patting/ holding hand. Tonight after her first cry she’s gone down, rolled onto her tummy and fallen asleep (with me in the room, but only patting her bum) so hoping this is a sign of progress! Keen to hear of any other tips!

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