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I decided to take 6 months off due to not being able to afford to take a year off work, I am due back in December but the thought of going back so soon is horrible… if I was to take the rest of the year off is there anything I would be entitled to get?
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Does your work have the option to do KIT days? I think most company’s offer 10 at full pay. Could you afford to do 5 one month and 5 another on top of statutory mat pay? Not sure of your circumstances and obviously don’t advise getting into debt but only other option I can think of is a small (affordable loan) but I wouldn’t say that is the most sensible solution. I’ve been selling all sorts on Vinted to top up my savings for when stat pay begins and used money saving apps etc I started saving a while ago but I’ve been a proper tight arse to manage to save up, I’m desperate to take as much time out as possible 🤣

I would strongly advise against lying about what you earn and who’s in your household as I know someone who has been living somewhere undeclared and they now have to pay back 10K and have had their benefits stopped so are now living on next to nothing compared to before.

What I’m doing is saving up and not trying to spend as much so that when I start receiving SMP I don’t have to worry too much if I’ll have enough money

Agree with @Beth , universal credit is really the only resort 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ve applied and my income isn’t high and neither is my partners and we don’t get anything. The only thing you can do is lie to them and say you’re single and don’t put down all your income and savings but then again… they can do a check and if your answers don’t add up they may request money back off you.

I'm also only taking 6 months due to financial reasons. Technically, my mat leave ends on 30th September 😩 but I'm taking a months annual leave until November x

Feel the pain!! Get full pay from my work till end of November and think i will have to go back to work in the new year because wont be able to afford not to 🙁

I'm on maternity allowance which is 9 months. I go back when little one is 8 months and I want to cry. Feels too early. I went back when my son was 10 months first time round but I got good maternity pay then 😐

Depends, if you’re a single parent then you’ll be entitled to benefits, if you have a partner who works full time then chances are you won’t be entitled to anything as the amount you have to earn as a house hold in order to receive anything is so low I don’t think even someone on a part time wage earns that little! The system is so flawed 🙄 You should check though, as statutory maternity pay lasts for 39 weeks which is roughly 8 and a bit months so if you can stretch it a couple more months that would at least last you till Feb! 🥰🤞🏼

You can apply for universal credit, the amount you could get will depend on household income. Depending on income, savings and if you own a house you may not be entitled to anything. Apart from that there isn't anything else you can get sadly.

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