Having a boy and disappointed 😔

I just had my gender ultrasound and found out I’m having a boy. I have 2 girls and wanted another girl. I feel so sad. I wanted a boy with my first 2 but got girls instead. Now that I wanted another girl I got a boy Instead. I know my husband will be very happy when I tell him. Will this sad feeling go away?
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I’m having a boy too. I previously never seriously wanted children tbh, so once I came to terms with my pregnancy and got excited after adjusting my brain to a different life than I had previously planned - I kinda just automatically envisioned a girl. I legit never had one genuine thought about my life while picturing myself raising a son tbh.

I know he will be loved but it’s just the emotions I’m feeling now. This is ew territory for me lol. I’m sure he will be spoiled as well.

You are in for a treat , boys are so loving , I bet he’ll be the apply of your eye when he’s here ❤️

@Jeanette congratulations. I hope I will get over it too. I have no experience with boys. They are very active and full of energy. I’m going to miss all the girl clothes and I won’t be able to pass them down anymore.

Omg @Emma I hope he comes around to it ❤️

It’ll definitely go away!! I was a little disappointed about having another boy this time but I quickly got over it in a day. I’m so excited for my son to have a little brother. Little boys are so much fun!

so far, it's been about a month and my partner is still sad that we're having a boy and not a girl. I'm as happy as can be because i just wanted a living baby and not another miscarriage. I'm not sure when he'll get over it but he still keeps saying he hopes the blood test was wrong

Thank you. I really appreciate that ❤️ I hope it does go away.

It will definitely go away! Gender disappointment is real and can be quite upsetting but you will have a lovely healthy baby x

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