Splitting of responsibilities

If you’ve gone back to work (I’m going back part time next week, 3.5 days) how are you splitting baby responsibilities with your OH e.g nursery pick up and drop off, cooking dinner, feeding baby, bath and bedtime routine? Trying to figure out what works best!
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I think everyone does things differently depending on their own family routines. I work shifts so my oh and I both do nursery runs. I cook dinner and he does the bedtime routine for the most part.

We’re doing it currently that whoever is in the office does the drop off and the person working from home does the pick up and starts bed time routine. Other person normally arrives home to do bedtime bottle and then we cook dinner etc. I’ve been back 2 weeks now, it’s taking some time to get used too!

I’m back 4 days a week. I do 90% of pick ups and drop offs, it works better with my work schedule. Night wakings we split. Baths we split depending depending on the day, some weeks I do more, some weeks my husband does more. I do most of dinners, but I enjoy cooking and cooked before baby. We try and eat dinner together. I feed to sleep so we usually do most of bedtime together but then I put her down but if she doesn’t sleep, my husband will help her. What’s helped us most is just communication and figuring it out as we go x

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