Anyone else feeling flutters yet? 16+4
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I’m 15 weeks nearly 16 and I felt a huge flutter the other night! It was unlike the others I’ve had which have been barely anything but was a very odd feeling!! D

I'm 17 weeks today, I felt the baby move yesterday like it did a 360 and had nothing since? D

16+6 today and for the first time Im confident I felt very gentle kicks today. Three times over the course of the afternoon/evening- felt like a little gentle flick from inside. Also started to get butterflies type feeling very low down this week which I'm certain was flutters. 🥰

@Angharad So surreal! It's amazing to imagine what they are up to in there isn't it 😁 I like to think my little was comfy but I moved to quickly went into a somersault then wiggled their way back into their favourite spot because they were super relaxed during my scan just laying there with their legs crossed at the ankles just like they were just kicking back 🤣 I was the same but I didn't want to admit it to myself because it was our first time trying and I didn't want to get my hopes up as I didn't believe I could be that lucky.🥰 @Kerry Doctors / nurses always seem to think they know our bodies better than us who have spent our whole lives in said bodies 🤦‍♀️ you know better than them kerry if you have had 3 children already! It's just rude of them to behave like that with an experienced mum.

Im 16 week all i feel is gas this is my 5th baby love i think it depends on the pregancy as they are all diffrent xx

@Angharad it's the best feeling ever! We just don't get enough recognition or credit

@KJ I'm 13+1 with my 4th and I 100% know I'm feeling those very early bubble/flutter sensations. Had my 12w scan today and the sonographer and then the midwife both looked at me like was stupid 🙃 I know what I'm feeling!

It’s so surreal isn’t it! I was actually sitting really still and it just started up! I was like woah are you having a little disco? 😂 Yes I definitely think it’s if you know your body well! Like I knew within days that I was pregnant, even though it’s “impossible” to tell yet! Xx

I know but I think it's just their opinions, only you know your own body. It was amazing, I just kept thinking "sorry did I move to fast for you" while just loving the confirmation that someone was floating around in there 🥰 it's a lovely bonding moment isn't it?

That’s good to know! I’ve felt it over the last few days, but you see so many people with their opinions! It’s nice to know that someone else feels it! Such a great feeling isn’t it! 🥰

I had some at 4:30 this morning after laying back down from going to the toilet. I'm only 13+5 but I am super self aware in my body (could tell which ovary i ovulated from and which side my placenta was forming before having it confirmed by my scan) and have a posterior placenta so my midwife agreed that is what it was. 🥰

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