She’s begun saying “no” to everything, crying, screaming, throwing herself on the floor, meltdowns!! It seems like the terrible twos but she’s only one and a half. Does anyone know how long this will last? Is this what it’ll be like for the rest of the time she’s a toddler? We have so many meltdowns a day and I always try to comfort her, let her experience those emotions and if she doesn’t calm down then remove her from the situation.
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The terrible two is a lie, it starts earlier and goes on later! If it helps, tantrums are a sign on intelligence! My eldest started about 18months. Thinks get a bit better when they can be reasoned with but she is 5 now and still can have a massive meltdown. My youngest is 18m and in full tantrum mode. They are cute when they are asleep though 😀

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