Formula feeding

Anyone else formula feeding and not breastfeeding? Breastfeeding is not something I ever considered but after an antenatal class it seems that the focus is heavily on breastfeeding and its benefits which I understand but it’s just not for me
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Im formula feeding from birth. After doing research I will keep some colostrum frozen for if he gets sick as the antibodies should help him to recover faster 😁

I’ve decided to formula feed from birth, feels right for me 👏🏼

I'm really Undecided but I feel more drawn to formula for the ease

I formula fed my son and likely I’ll do the same this time too.

This will be my third formula fed first (after attempting breastfeeding for 5 days) and breastfed my 2nd . Will be formula feeding this one as I am single and will not be enough support. I also want to put more focus on spending time with my 3 boys equally and breastfeeding can be so demanding. I also want my body back after pregnancy.

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