Pregnancy massage

So I have decided to book myself a pregnancy massage which is much needed . Has anyone else had one or going to book one .
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I’ve got mine next week cannot wait! As a therapist myself i know how lovely they are so so looking forward to it 😊 hope you enjoy yours xx

I’ve had a pregnancy massage every two weeks for the last six weeks, I’ve been struggling with tension in my shoulders and jaw and it’s really helped c

I had one, just careful with your blood pressure after! Mine was quite low and felt a bit dizzy x

You don't lie on your stomach, but on your side, and they do your back while you're on your side. The last one I had she put her massage bed up a bit so I was sat up a bit and then she did my arms, shoulders and legs 😊 a little bit on my face and scalp too

@Helen you have to lie on your side and they support your bump etc with pillows. They do one side then you turn and do the other. They also dont do as much deep tissue work

For the ladies who have had them. Silly question but where do they massage and what is the difference between a normal massage and a pregnancy ones xx

I’ve had 2 so far, going to book once a month from now on

I've had two and both of them were amazing 😊

My husbands got me one for my birthday. :)

I'm going to just haven't got around to it

I had one about a month ago it was so nice! Now Im thinking back going I cant believe I thought I was sore then vs now 😂 Def want to book at least two more in these last 14 weeks!

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