Fundal measurements/growth scans

Went for my 25 week check up and measured 31 fundal height, went for 28 week today and measuring 34. Been revered for growth scans. I’m not worried as the midwife said she wasn’t and my 4d scan sonographer at weekend said I look on track and thinks she’ll be 7 and a half pound when born, but what does the actual fundal height mean? What will happen if I keep being ahead?
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Fundal height I think means the measurement of your uterus, so when the midwife measures your bump that measurement is the fundal height xx I’m not sure how accurate it is, I’ve been referred for a growth scan cos my fundal height was a bit small xx

@Freya I just find it so odd as surely my uterus is obvs bigger then baby? 😂 xx

It's just a way of tracking growth though isn't the most accurate unfortunately as women come in all shapes and sizes! I'm 5ft 9 with a long torso and measured super small on mine (I.e I have a small bump - likely as baby has a lot of room in there without growing outwards). I had a growth scan earlier this week which confirmed baby and fluid levels are all completely normal - just means that when they next measure me they can bear that in mind and as long as I grow long the same path I was on before (I.e don't drift further from the "normal" line) then I'm likely fine.

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