Small Business Saturday?

Would anyone be interested in being featured on my business page for small business Saturday? I love to help spread the word about other businesses. If so, send me a friend request! My socials are on my Linktree! Send me a message so I know how you found me. This is what my profile looks like!
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@Gracie awesome 😊 I'll do the same asap! Thank you

@Shauna Hibbler-Cooley I liked and followed from Moon, Fox, & Fay and my personal page; Gracie Moon Arnold.

@Shauna Hibbler-Cooley Love it so much! I’m a huge mental health advocate. I do mental health wednesdays so your page will be perfect for those days! I’m gonna go follow you right now. I’ll be right back!

@Gracie NMLB Mom's Mental Health Support LLC. I'll follow you on IG. I can also share with you my public Facebook page

@Shauna Hibbler-Cooley Absolutely! What’s your business name? Send me a friend request so that I can find you easier and like your business page!

@Melysee I would love to get in on that! How?

Hello, I have a mental health support business and would love you to spread the word on that. I'd be willing to support you as well.

Love to interview you for podcast

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