Help! How quickly do traces of cows milk transfer into breast milk after consumption?

I had a little bit of chocolate earlier (my mother in law knows I can’t consume milk due to my daughter and I stupidly trusted her) my daughter fed 90 minutes before I ate it. An hour and a bit after I consumed it she had another feed. Now she is refusing anymore food (it’s been 6 hours - she feeds every 2-3 hours) she’s screaming constantly, arching her back, thrashing her legs around etc. Ciuld it have transferred into. My milk that quickly?
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Unfortunately yes 😔

@elisha I unfortunately can’t do this. She won’t take a bottle, we’ve tried so many different ones. But thank you! She’s got the doctors tomorrow anyway about something else but I’ll bring it up. I think they’ll probably confirm an allergy now. (My older two have them as well but we never breast fed so new to this side of things)

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