Braxton hicks

Is anybody else due in December having regular Braxton hicks?
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If I go on a long walk I tend to get them a bit in my lower right uterus but they go away when I sit down

Yes, I also have them quite often.

I’m having this and oh my mine are so painful!!! I keep getting mine mostly at night time but loads in the day time too….. x

@Chloe ahh thanks lol ❤️ ohhhh I see!!! I think I might of had the tightening a few times, I thought it was like just stretching or I’d pulled something! Wasn’t sure what it was!! I thought braxton hicks was like period pains, literally there is so much involved in pregnancy isn’t there 🤣😂 xxx

Yep. Never had them in my sons pregnancy but I’ve been having them regularly for the past week

Yes i am! There giving me the fear because of how regular they are occurring but yeah definitely braxton hicks 🙈 🩷

@Freya yes those are Braxton hicks!! Xx

I’m not sure cos sometimes I get periodpains that come and go almost like contractions and sometimes my tummy gets really big and hard but it doesn’t hurt and idk if either of these are braxton hicks!!🤣 xx

@Rainé it’s a really strange sensation like your muscle spasms in your belly but all over your tummy! Xx

@Rainé not a stupid question at all girl! It’s like tightening your tummy where your tummy goes hard and a slight bit painful when it happens! Some women have worse pain than others but mines more the muscle tightenings than the pain! Xxx

Sorry for stupid question lol but what do they feel like?? I’m 28+4 atm so might be experiencing them I’m not sure haha xx

@Sophie they have me panicking sometimes!🤣 they’re happening more when I’m about and active the only thing that settles them is when I’m relaxing (or trying too I have a 4 year old to run after too🤣) but sometimes it happens like 7 times in an hour!! X

I am honey

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