I’ve bought a Tommy Tippee swaddle bag today in the hope it will help my little one sleep for longer. At the minute he’s waking up every 2-2.5 hours and he’s a nightmare to get back to sleep after 4am and is very fussy, before I know it it’s 7am and he’s hardly gone back down. Does anyone have any tips on using these? How long before your baby goes to bed do you put them in the bag? Praying it helps as I’m really struggling with exhaustion🤞🥱
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My lad loves a swaddle, but the swaddle bag isn't good enough. He likes to chew his hands, which he can still access through the bag. So when we swaddle with muslins it's so much better and he drops off really well all by himself, like he just knows he can't get his hands.. He tends to sleep for 4 or 5 hours. I found a really useful YouTube swaddle video if you want it? Sometimes I use the swaddle bag for after the nighttime sometimes, but again he will only sleep for a few hours in that. X

I pop baby girl in hers just before the last feed then snuggle and in her next 2 me and she settles really well We also use the love to dream swaddle, she prefers them and you can get them cheep on vinted xx

I've started to use swaddles n we use the Anaïs and aden ones which have velcro on them in the right places which makes my life easier. He fusses to get in so I wait till he's drowsy then pop him in. It definitely helps with the startling x

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