Apparently a good lip color match is your nips.

I checked mine out and I feel like my lips would be giving lethargic, maybe cold even lmao. Has this beauty trick/hack worked for anyone?
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Mine is actually quite nice, I’ll have to see if I can find a match 😂

@Katie ghost lips 👄 bring back the concealer lips

@Jessica the nipple I think

My nipple has barely any color 😅😂

Is it the nipple or the areola? Because my nipple color would be nice, areola a bit too bland for lip color preferences.

I don’t wear lipstick/gloss but I think mine would be a nice color for me😁

@Tiffany you’d look really good with a really dark liner! You have the lips for it. People pay good money trying to look like you.

I’ve never realized that trick but I do look good in a nude lip color I guess 😂

@Zainab 🤪😭

@Tiffany I think you could pull it off!

Lmfaooooooooo pls how will I look with black lips

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