Anyone had any pamper appointments since baby was born?

My baby is now 5 weeks and I would love to get my lashes done again. She is EBF but has taken an expressed bottle once and I have been expressing to make a supply in the freezer. When I had my first I didn't have any kind of treatments for a year until I went back to work but I must admit I felt pretty rubbish in myself. I just want to feel a bit nicer this time round although I can't help but feel guilty about leaving my baby this early so don't know whether to book or not. Just wondered if anyone else had done anything for themselves yet or is it too soon? X
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EBF and I’ve made an effort to treat myself because it gave me something to really look forward to that’s just for me. Nails at 4 weeks, lashes at 5 and hair at 6. If you’re not able to leave baby with someone maybe find a technician that will come to you?

I had my hair done last week. Had highlights redone. Left little one with my mum. Fed him before with view he would be ok until after. I fell asleep when they were washing my hair!

I had my hair done today 🥰 it was majorly needed. I cannot pull off the kim k roots 😂

Had nails lashes & brows done. Left him with my mum with a bottle of expressed milk x

I'm getting a Mani Pedi tomorrow, just going to wear my bub and feed there if he wakes

@Charlotte same here 😂😂 shows where our heads are at right now!

Had my hair cut colour and gel toe nails done. Good for the mental health to have a bit of pampering! After all we go through xx

I don't...but my brain is so far into baby world when I saw the header of your post I thought pamper nappies....what's a pamper nappy appointment 😳🤣

I had my lashes done last week and honestly feel so much better for it, left him with my mum (she’s the only one I’d trust him with other than my husband if not more than my husband 😂) but I think it’s important we look after ourselves too, I often find if I look better I feel better even if I am sleep deprived but it’s obviously what you’re comfortable with - is there anyone you could leave your little one with even for 20 mins/half an hour and just go on a mini walk to see if you’re comfortable leaving them with someone before you commit to an appointment for your lashes? X

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