Gone off bed time milk..

For the past few days my lg hasn’t been herself, took her docs they aren’t concerned. She’s barely eating and won’t touch her bedtime milk, is suddenly refusing it.. so she’s only having 1 x 8oz bottle in the morning?!? This isn’t enough calcium so now I’m very much worrying 😣 if she’s not eating much how am I supposed to make sure she’s having enough? Has anyone else experienced their LO going off milk?
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My daughter isn't going off her milk. But at the moment she has a morning bottle after her breakfast that's only 4oz and then another 4oz bottles that's part of her bedtime routine. When we last saw the health visitor when she was 15 months we were told she only needs two small cups of full cows milk at this age so I'd think 8oz is enough especially if she's eating dairy through the day. It's really worrying when they go off their food. My daughter has been bit fussy lately and likes to pick at or play with her food. Hope your daughter gets back to her normal self soon x

My son has been off of bottles since 12 months and gets offered 2 small cups a day- one morning and one night. Sometimes he drinks them sometimes he doesn’t. I just make sure he gets calcium from other sources during his meals 😊

They just need vitamins in their food/drink or more calcium in other forms added to their diet when they drink less milk

My son doesn't have nightime milk it was too hard to get into him. He now has it at snack times and breakfast. He enjoys this because he isn't as full at the start of the day. Although he only has one cup a day! And we offer him plenty of other dairy products throughout the day such as yoghurts. Plus if she eats cereal with milk she will get milk from that too.

My girl hasn't drunk milk in months! She refuses. But she eats a lot of other dairy foods.

I actually wish my daughter didn't love her bottle so much at night time. It's part of her bed time routine so I'm dreading trying to stop it and give it to her in a cup earlier in the day. Her morning bottle we're trying different cups and she's not keen on any. But at the same time if she didn't see her bottle of milk on front of her I could easily cut it out and make sure she has enough other dairy products.

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