I am drowning

I have found out that my husband is in debt with credit cards. It was initially 10k this was when I was heavily pregnant. He then took out loans to keep up with the credit card payments and fell behind with those too. Now he's told me that he took out 2 phone contracts and flogged the phones for a quick buck. I share a mortgage with this man and I am so heartbroken with the lies and deceit especially whilst I've been pregnant. He's now asking me for help to pay it all off and my baby is only 3 months old. I've secured 2 jobs and I'll have to leave my child and work to help him pay it all off. I feel trapped be ause of the mortgage otherwise I would gave left. He's also got a mark on his credit file too and I'm worried it will affect our chances of remortgaging when it comes to it. Would if affect my credit rating too ad we share a mortgage. I am devastated as ive worked so so hard to get us where we are and now his lies and deceit has ruined it all.
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That's not a ridiculous price. What's the 10k though? Trying to sell phones for more than the contract cost is daft. I'm the main breadwinner and will be going back to work in December, did the same with my first.

Apparently for expensive car repairs nd MOTs gear box at 1k etc...is that normal?

Check with citizens advice how much you can help without taking on any liability. I don't want you getting swindled by this guy. Where is the money going?

Definitely have a chat with a mortgage advisor. I used to work in credit repair for a mortgage brokers and there are lenders that will do it but it very much depends on affordability for paying it all off and how bad his credit actually is. Don't go to a debt management company as lenders don't like that . Even if you help him pay it off will he carry on getting into debt?. Im sorry you're going through this, it must be extremely stressful, especially as you aren't working at the moment.

Can yous not sell and you get your own hun? X

For peace of mind, as long as you don't fall behind on the mortgage, your credit score won't be affected by him. About the rest, I'm really sorry for you. Might be worth checking with a financial advisor to see if you can sell your half of the mortgage, and then you are free to go if that's what you really want... don't stay where you don't want to just for money...

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