EBF - How long is your BF session in average

I am asking because I still seem to be feeding the whole day. She is 6 weeks and during the day she nurses for 20 min each breast. Thats 40 mins every 2/3 hours. Nights is 15 min one breast and a 3/4 hr strech
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@Bilan I go out all the time with him, I make sure I know there's a cafe somewhere I'll feel comfortable, and I've also gotten used to nursing him while out walking 😅 it's getting harder as he gets heavier so I'm going to try out different slings to see how I can nurse and walk for when I'm taking the dog out

Mine is 12 weeks old, 10-15 minutes. One boob. Break and play around from 15 minutes to 1 hour then want more again. And cluster feeds sometimes randomly. Only time this girl ain’t on my breast is basically when she’s asleep😅

Mine is 9 weeks and feeds 5-10 mins every 2.30-3.30 hours, sometimes will have a longer stretch of a night

Mine is 8 weeks and it's around 30 mins each breast sometimes every 2 or so hours

Have you guys tried to leave the house and had to feed your LO for long out?

Oh my days. It's comforting to know its not just me but its so much work and I was hoping it will get easier by now😅

Im 10 weeks in and during the day it can be anything from 10-20 minutes every 1-2 hours! He goes longer in between at night but then we are feeding for around 40 mins- an hour! I feel like he never stopped cluster feeding 🙈

Mine is 8 weeks and does 5-20 mins on each side. I'm just telling myself it's not forever and it forces me to take a break 😅

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