Babymoon vacay

Am I the only one that didn’t go on vacay since the start of the year? No babymoon nothing 🥲 As soon as the baby gets a little older, where would you want to go for vacation? Go ahead manifest it now….😇
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I’m glad you enjoyed it!! Both me and my husband are from there and have a lot of family there so we go about 3x a year! Been struggling since all year I’ve been pregnant and haven’t gone haha

@Demi love Puerto Rico went once and fell in love. Enjoy!!! 😊

We had alot of pregnancy obstacles early on and were afraid to do too much so no baby moon but we will be taking the babies (we’re having twins lol) to our Island (Puerto Rico) in February when they’re about 5 months or so! Looking forward to that

Havent been anywhere since I got pregnant. Im hoping for a long vacation once my baby is a little older.

We didn’t go on a vacation because we were moving into a house. That alone was our “vacation”. I think in the future I want to go to Disneyland. We went to Disney world this past November so maybe that counted as our trip this year.

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