My little girl is going to a nursery, she's going to be 9 months. Has anyone sent their baby to a nursery this early and was everything OK? I'm really worried as I have to go back to work and I don't know if she's going to be okay :(
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I put my little boy in at 7 months two days a week which a increased to 3 days after a few months as I had to return to work. I am having to do the same with my baby girl but feeling awful about it. My little boy settled in so we’ll though and it’s done him the world of good xx

I work in a nursery and we’ve had children at 5/6 months start. It is really hard as a parent but honestly once they are settled they love it! It’s so good to get them in early to get them used to it

I have slot of friends who had to take there little ones at this age and they have all done amazing and are so confident . It’s done them so much good z

My baby will also start at 9 months, and I'm quietly looking forward to it (ask me again the night before he starts). I can't wait to experience all the new things he will learn. Just remembered you picked the most suitable place for them. Plus you won't be the first or last to feel this way. Your nursery should offer settling in sessions to help you both adjust - we have ours November & December.

I’m so nervous about this but remember she’ll thrive with all her little friends in nursery. Some folk in America have to take their 6 week old babies. You’re baby will be okay x

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