Mucus plug gone and painful back and lower stomach

is this the start? also have had a lot of loose bowel movements over the last 3 days
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@Steph 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@Megan hope all goes well 🙂❤️ mine seems to have eased... she's seen the weather and changed her mind!!! X

I'm 39+4 today, had pains for the last 3 days, a very small amount of pale bleeding yesterday morning, lost my mucus plug this morning along with more pains, I called the hospital, and they've confirmed early labour, having a sweep done today as well (previously planned) been told to go still to hopefully fully kick start labour and hopefully my waters will go!!

Yes hehe, me too!!! I'm so full of baby and tired 🤣🩷👶🏼 I'm 39+4 today x

@Steph kinda hope it means somethings happening 😇

@Gabrielle i’m 39 weeks exactly

This sounds similar to me!!! Although not lost plug yet x

When are you due

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