so i’m 39 +3 now and my midwife is ignoring my calls and messages regarding seeing her and regarding a sweep, if i ring the hospital and ask for a midwife and sweep do u recon they will? first time mum and so ready for this baby now just so uncomfortable and he’s defo dropped!!
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@Clarice because it didn't work for you doesn't mean it won't work for Baileigh

Wouldn’t bother, I had 4 and none worked. The first two were agony

Hi, I’ve just had a sweep this morning - 38 weeks x

My midwife said she couldn’t do it before due date but booked me into the hospital 40+1 for a sweep x

It's worth asking but over all if you are classed as low risk they won't do you one until 40weeks x

@Rachel thank you for your help! x

You can ask for a sweep at your next appointment.

The hospital should do one, especially of you say you're uncomfortable! you're far enough along for baby to be healthy and safe if they come out so I don't see why it would be an issue!

@Vicky they do sweeps earlier where in from, from 37 weeks, and i haven’t ever heard of a midwife hub but in definitely going to look into it. Thank you!

@Jess i’m going to ring and try hopefully they do! x

@Abby it has been mentioned to me before however i had another scan at 38 weeks so they put it off, hopefully i’ll get an answer when i call tomorrow!

Where I live they only do the sweeps at 40 weeks. Is there not a midwife hub you can call and ask, just say you've tried contacting your midwife but aren't getting a response.

I got a sweep done at 38! Your considered full term at 37 so you can call and ask for an apt to get it done!

You can definitely get them at the hospital, ours do it anyway!

They only do after 40 weeks generally

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