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So my baby and I had our first mini outing having breakfast today. He’s officially a month old 🥺🥺🥺I couldn’t help but feel I little panicked and anxious while I was eating. I kept my eyes on him while he napped. And then it was time to feed him out in public for the first time. How do you guys feel about breastfeeding your LO out in public? I just wanted to whip out my boobies but couldn’t muster the courage, so I’m currently in the backseat of my car feeding him… I wish I didn’t care so much.
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My baby is 4wks today and we had her first trip to Whole Foods for lunch- I did the same thing, fed on arrival in the backseat 😄 it was much more comfy than trying to do this on a cafe stool, so it felt right for both of us. But I am now aware that more shops and restaurants should have comfy private seating for BF’ing! I don’t care about offending anyone, I do care about comfort for baby snd myself, also random pervs peeping are not ok, so depends on the environment

It’s whatever YOU are comfortable with! There’s no wrong way to feed your baby. I have just been whipping out my boobs in public — people can look away if they’re uncomfortable. I tried draping a blanket over us before, but my baby hated it so I ditched that real quick. You do you, Mama!

I thought that I would be much more shy about it but actually something my boyfriend said made me not care at all and now I'll nurse as we walk around walmart or wherever. He said that no one was gonna stop his baby from eating(he did add in his own home cuz we were at home at the time). I have covered up a couple times if I'm around family that I know would take a little more offense to it but not a whole lot

I was like that right after having my daughter but now I just drape her blanket over us and feed her wherever we’re at 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

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