What night light has everybody got?

I've gone for the tommy tippee dream maker red light with pink noise but its not very bright at all. I know its meant to be a soft light so it doesnt wake the baby further turning bedroom lights on but its so dark u can hardly see anything! It wasnt cheap at £25/ not very happy with it
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@Lauren Ah okay, thank you. I liked the idea of getting one that I can choose the colour x

@Kirsty no it will change colour based on the temp of the room x

I have smart bulbs (off amazon) in his lamps and main light that change colour and dim x

Can you choose what colour you have the gro egg??

We’re still using the groegg as a nightlight for our 2.5 year old, so we’re gonna get another one for the baby.

@Jasmine haha sorry 🤣 x

@Emma ahh yeah that’s the 2, I have the original! I really thought I was missing out on something there😂 x

@Emma is this the regular groegg or the groegg2? X

@Jasmine haha on the underneath theres a little button. So it comes on brightest and u can click it once of twice to lower the light or 3 times the lights goes off and it just shows the temp ☺️ x

@Emma I have the groegg in my daughters room. I didn’t know it had 3 light levels?? Whatttt. How? I’ve had it for 3.5 years! X

I have a gro egg which I used last pregnancy and will be using again x

I have the gro egg it has 3 light levels and its a thermometer. My 19 month old has been using it from birth and ill be using it for my 2nd xx

@Hayley noooo they won’t haha, it’s a different brightness lol xx

@Jasmine people are gna think my rooms a brofel from the outside with a red light lol

https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/spiken-led-night-light-otter-shaped-multicolour-50469146/ My daughter has had this for the past 3.5 years (with a separate white noise machine) we started off red when she was a newborn, then she decided around the age of 2 she wanted it orange & now at 3.5 years old this week she’s decided on white so she can see better x

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