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I think I’m loosing my baby, multiple signs and my body just knows, I’m 5+5, am I supposed to see a gp or just let it happen at home?
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I think I'm currently experiencing the same thing.

I had a MC back in July around the same time 😔 for me, they didn't want/need to see me as it seemed like I was passing the pregnancy naturally. They told me to keep doing pregnancy tests and they got lighter then turned negative xx

Stringy bleeding, cramps different to usual, flu like symptoms x

What’s your signs lovely if you don’t mind saying xx

So sorry you’re going through this. Where I’m based you can contact the hospitals early pregnancy unit who would see you if you had red bleeding or pain. I don’t know if this is everywhere but then they can confirm with scans and blood tests what is going on. If I Google the hospital and early pregnancy unit it comes up with a phone number. Maybe you could try that ❤️

I'd ring the early pregnancy unit x

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