So my boy has had diarrhea for 1 week. Before he used to make hard poo once a day or every two days. Now he's been doing 3/4 poos a day and it's very watery... I called the GP but they say they can't do anything until it's been 3 weeks?! Wtf? It's not normal to have diarrhea for 1 whole week. My boy has a completely sore bum I can't even touched him. I no longer know what to do or what to feed him, since the doctor told me to just cut out dairy and fruits. Has anyone been through this and can shed some light on me? I'm honestly panicking
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honestly the doctors here really frustrated me, they should check our babies... so I make potato soup, carrot soup (I saw on Google that was good to help with diarrhea) and also maize soup (but I have use a Brazilian type that is really good, don't know where you can find here)

What soup did he eat?

Yeah saw the dr yesterday he said she looks alert and he's not worried. But didn't do any physical checks just looked at her. Gave me a poo sample to do on Monday but said he's not concerned.

his better now, I stopped with the fruits, porridge and vegetables. He was eating rice, soup and bread, didn't had a fever though, have you call the gp?

Hay how is your little one? My little girl is having 6-7 watery poos a day. Started on Wednesday and has a fever. What are you feeding your little one cause I don't want to make this worse. I know for an adult or older child it's better to starve the virus but you can't with a baby x

Our LG had salmonella when she was 2 weeks old, she would have very watery dirty nappies up to 12 times a day. Unfortunately if your LO has some kind of gastrointestinal bug, there isn’t really anything a doctor can do to help, it’s usually viral and just has to pass on its own. They told us it usually takes 7-10 days to go through their system. That said, if you’re worried then they should be checking your LO over, to see they aren’t dehydrated. I would consider giving 111 a call to ask their advice, you may get to take LO to see an out of hours GP to be checked over. It was via 111 that we eventually saw someone who insisted we needed our LG to have a stool sample taken and subsequently found out about the salmonella. You know best, be persistent and seek out alternative help if your GP is refusing to see your LO. x

thank you for the words sweetie ❤️

You are not doing anything wrong, you're doing everything you can to make sure your baby is happy and healthy and the fact that you're worried that you're doing it wrong shows how much you care. He will get better again soon. It's hard watching them. Keep an eye on his hydration levels and check his temperature. If you are really worried I would ring your doctor again or ask to speak with another doctor. Mum knows best

He wasn't really constipated, as I said he used to poo once a day or every two days (having to make a lot of strength to let it go though) but used to be a lot of poo... bless him, it's horrible seeing him like this and don't be able to do nothing. Hope he gets better soon, also because can't send him to the childminder as she said to me that needs to wait 48 hours without diarrhea but I still paying her those days, but I'm missing work as he needs to stay at home with me. Feeling really frustrated like I'm doing something wrong with him. today I been feeling the all day that I'm the worst mom 😔😔

We had the same problem a few weeks ago. Before this happened was he showing signs of constipation? My little girl was checked over at the GP and they said she was actually constipated and they called it constipation overflow. They prescribed a laxative for her to take and it seemed to work well. She was going up to 9 times per day. They said this was very common especially with the new weaning stage. She also had a really raw red bum from the acidic diarrhea and I only used metanium mixed with vaseline and washed with cotton pads and warm water. Hope he feels better soon

Yeah my LO had the diarrhoea bug back in July. It was constant diarrhoea for about 4 weeks and like you I was very concerned. Overall I think I saw/spoke to a doctor 4 times. It eventually calmed down but still took time for her to get back to normal. There isn't anything you can apart from wait it out - keep an eye on his soft spot on his head for dehydration

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