Velcro baby mamas and sleep training 🆘

Hi 👋 For those who have successfully sleep train their velcro babies, any tips or pointers? My LO will only contact sleep/nap and my hubby & I are going start sleep training this weekend or early next week, once he’s recovered from his four months vaccine - using Ferber method 🤞🏽 My question is how long do you do this? I mean at what point it reset? Let’s say I put baby down in the crib drowsy (I’ve actually tried a couple times but, he became very wide awake and starts laughing because he loves his crib mobile), should I remove his mobile? I leave baby then check in at 3 min - 5min, he cries, I come back check in and try to soothe him without picking him up then leave, come back another 5-8 min then gradually longer, let’s say after 45 min or 1 hour he still cries and not fall asleep, do I reset like pick him up then try again?? Tips?!
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@Ana it's only been 2 weeks, he's 3.5 months old. He still feeds 1-2 times a night, but it gave me my nights back instead of him being in bed with me. The longest he has cried was 40 minutes 2 times. I've told myself I would go in at 45 and it always seems like he is done by that point. However, my guy cries in spurts, where it's crying, whining, yelling, nothing... it's not constant screaming. Tonight he had zero crying, he just went straight to sleep. It's way better than me rocking/nursing him to sleep for 1.5 hours and falling asleep with him.

@Becca how long did you let him cry?? And how old was he?

I do bath, sleep suit and nurse my guy almost to sleep. I then put him in his crib. He cries most nights from 5-15 minutes. By cry I mean whine or cry. Tonight it was only 2 minutes of whining. We did cry it out for our little guy, but I did not think the checks would be effective for him, I thought they would stimulate him more. So, we opted for a full CIO and it has been successful. He was sleep trained by day 2.

We didn’t have good luck with the mobile over the crib because it would keep him awake. Moved it over the diaper changing station instead and it keeps him still and on his back! 🤣 Not totally sure for your particular situation, but it sounds like you’re on a good track! Putting him down awake was key for getting him falling asleep independently and we started that at 2mo per advice from our pediatrician. Now we do a combo of moms on call / taking Cara babies, and the SITBACK method + trying to resettle 3 times before feeding / contact napping is what we do. I don’t ever let him “cry it out” but I’ll give him a couple minutes before responding to see if he can settle himself. Our guy really likes a paci and hand on his chest to settle. Since about 2.5 mo tho he hasnt needed the feed or contact nap at night, and he’ll go back to sleep with just the hand on his chest + paci! I will pick him up to extend a nap during the day just so he’s not cranky especially if we’ve got plans haha.

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