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So I had my gestational diabetes test this morning, I left the hospital about 11 and I’ve not heard anything. Does anyone know how long it’ll take/will it be tomorrow? Or is no news good news 🤷🏻‍♀️
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I’ve not heard anything back so going to assume no news is good news xx

I had mine Sunday 10th September & had results by 9am on the Monday xx

I had mine today too and was advised i will get a call tomorrow if I have GD if not i wont get a call. X

For me, my badger notes was updated within a day that it was Normal

I had mine Friday last week and said Monday. Had a midwife appt coincidentally the next day found out all was ok. 😃 no news is usually good news 😃

I was told no news is good news. I had mine two weeks ago and still nothing lol

I found out day after I did it, around 2-3 ish, I failed my test 🥲

I rang up my midwife the next day to get my results. However they said if it’s clear they tend to take a while to come back to you

No news is good news. I got a phone call the day after to tell me I had GD x

My hospital said usually takes two days, and no news is good news - I had mine over a week ago so I assume all ok 🤷🏻‍♀️

Thank you for putting my mind at ease guys x

Mine said if I had it she would ring the next day by dinner time. If I didn’t hear anything then it was good news and then the midwife confirmed my levels at my appointment x

I had mine last Friday and consultant told me today its all normal u won't hear back straight away takes upto 2 days for results to come back from labs x

Ive got the midwife on Friday, so I assume she’ll let me know if I haven’t then. Would love for them to just let us know either way, im such a stresser 😬

I had mine 9-11 on Friday, and they said I would hear after 4pm same day if there was an issue. If all was ok then I wouldn’t hear anything. So I’d assume no news is good news. I hate not knowing though lol midwife wot tomorrow so going to ask

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