Advice please 😩

Hi I had my first baby 4 months ago, a little boy I absolutely love motherhood, I have recently found out I am 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant,so I got pregnant 3 months postpartum 🫠, i suffered with HG very bad in my pregnancy with my son and those symptoms hit around week 6, I can slowly feel myself becoming nauseous and hot flushes, and I’m worried this pregnancy will be a bad one like when I was pregnant with my son because I couldn’t get out of bed some days I was that sick and obviously I still need to care for my son and enjoy my baby! This was a shock but a blessing just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to cope being pregnant with a baby, and having 2 under 1 because my baby is due 18th May 2024 and my sons birthday is 22nd May! 💗 no judgement please I am happy and this baby will be loved just very scared as it’s a big thing to have 1 baby let alone 2 under the age of 1 🤍 many thanks xxx
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Congratulations first of all 🤍👶 I too had HG with my first pregnancy which started at 6 weeks & have a real feeling of dread when thinking about a second pregnancy. However we are hoping to have our babies close in age & so we’ll come into the 2 under 2 category aswell. All I keep thinking is that at least you have some knowledge of what to expect should you get HG again. You can ask family/friends for some support with your little boy & head straight to the doctors for medication if that worked for you the first time. It’ll be tough, absolutely no denying that, but when baby 2 is here & your babies grow up together, it’ll so be worth it 💗

@Lauren Thank you so much! I needed to hear this, I’ve been so put off by pregnancy after last time this has scared me, I’m so happy my son will get to grow up with a brother or sister, and yes HG tablets helped but not massively I had sicknsss morning to night from 6 weeks to the day I had him! Hoping for a smooth pregnancy this time it’s definitely a blessing but if it’s anything like my first pregnancy it will be very hard, I definitely have the support of my family, I haven’t told anyone about this pregnancy yet just trying to process the news first, wishing you the best on your future baby number 2 💗💗💗

Congratulations 🎉 sorry I don’t have any advice. But as the lady above said this time round you know what to expect and can make sure you get the correct medication befor you really suffer

@Kate Thank you so much! I definitely will be coming in prepared this time round! 🙈💗💗💗

I found someone in the same boat as me! I just found out too, my son was born in June and this little one is due end of may! 🫠🫠🥹🥰🥰🥰🥰 but I’m happy, I just pray for a healthy and happy baby and pregnancy

@Tam Omg I’m so happy to see this comment!! Congratulations! I am currently 6 weeks and 3 days! Praying for a healthy baby due date atm is 18th May that’s going off my last period, but could change at 12 week scan! Wishing you a healthy baby and good pregnancy 🥰💗💗

Hey girl, I don’t have any advice about the HG (yikes, I’m so sorry you experienced that!!!) but my two girls are 12.5 months apart, so I got pregnant at 3.5 months pp unexpectedly, and I was FILLED with dread about how hard it would be, but we are making it through almost a year later - and they love eachother sooooo so so much, it’s absolutely adorable to see. It’s not easy but it is so doable, especially if you have family or friends nearby and willing to come help. It takes a village, but it is so worth it in the end!! 💞💞💞

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