Heart burn/acid reflux

Anyone else's heart burn or acid reflux so much worse? I am 28 +2 and last night it was the worst I've ever had it, what are yous using or doing to help it?
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Omg yes it’s killing me off! I wake up in the night being sick with it. I spoke with midwife today & she advised to see GP so I’m going Friday as gaviscon isn’t cutting it anymore! I’m 28+3 x

Yes keep getting acid reflux recently (28w+2) rennies have been working for me x

Yes, me!!! I've just put a prescription in for more omeprazole, they helped when I was struggling in the first trimester xx

could’ve written this post myself! I went to doctors this morning and got prescribed omeprazole and this is the first time I’ve not had heartburn for WEEKS. Omg the relief, it’s been awful x

Papaya enzymes from the natural food stores work super well!

Speak to the drs if gaviscon isn’t working they have me some omeprazole I only take it every now and again. Since being prescribed it though. I was just about to suggest oranges as they have worked for me but turns out they do the opposite Google some fruits that can help bananas etc xx

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